Did you take your bigger screen in da house? Ok, keep going…

Les Gets lead us to the last two events of the season overseas.

Dealing with the events in North America means spending “a few” hours on an airplane or an airport.

We traveled through Munich, then we flew together to Washington and kept driving to the middle of no where with destination Snowshoe. The key points are to think twice on what you’re packing and finding some different comfortable places.

Everybody was a bit concerned about the weather we’d have found in West Virginia at the beginning of October and I was definitely unsure on what I would have to pack to be ready to all the conditions (thinking also on what we got in Andorra).
The first two days we had fot at the top and rain at the bottom.

The course didn’t change too much compared to last year and the riders preferred to push as late as possible the training on track, so me and Salva had the chance to explore the surroundings.
That’s the part that I definitely love the most.

First job I had to do was to find a good spot where to shoot the bike portrait of the special edition Scalpel.
Each rider received a customized handmade paint job, transforming each frame kit in a unique piece.

I guess the fog made a good job! Colors was popping out quite a lot! Which one is your pick?

It’s raceday and every component of the team is ready for activation… more or less.

XCC results in two pics…

When I think to West Virginia I’m having a mix of feelings. I definitely enjoy to dive deep into the nature and the forest (I’d loved to see some beavers at work but I had no success…), to the other side I always struggle to find the right angles and the best flow to get the pictures on course.
With a track that didn’t change too much from the past years I was also challenging myself to produce something different from what I already shot previously.

Back in the days we had some greats sunrises and sunsets, but this year I definitely enjoyed the colors of an early autumn.

Number swap in between the races.

Mona’s race…

Lads’ race… + bonus

Fans everywhere…

Job done, see ya!!

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