a big Dream

When you speak about Henrique Avancini it would be more than enough to mention his key results: Marathon World Champion 2018, World cup – Nove Mesto 2020 XCO Winner, World cup – Vallnord 2018 XCC Winner, Stage Winner and second overall with Manuel Fumi at Cape Epic 2019.
Of course, we left behind many national and continental titles, but with the one above you begin to leave the normal athlete life to move into a special place where usually the dreams are living.

where did you start to hear about the brasilian talent?

If you dig in your memories, where did you start to hear about the brasilian talent?

The most of the people that had the chance to spend a few time with Henrique know his story: a young brasilian guy, son of a bicycle shop’s owner, get into the mountainbike sport and start to dream.
Riding for a national brand he start to push on the pedals, working hard and fully committed to emerge, he begin to achive the first results.

The gamble delivers and in 2015 Henrique joins CFR. He is digging deep to follow the three team mates Manuel Fumic, Marco Aurelio Fontana and Anton Cooper.
After a World Cup season in the mix he his able to achieve his first top 30 at Worlds in Vallnord.

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