I’m quite happy to see some interest around the photo stories.

Time to move on to the next episode. I had to go through the full archive again and I stopped on the Mont Sainte Anne folder.
My first time in North America has been in 2015 and since then that’s the first time that Canada is the end of the series.
I was excited to shoot again on this track, it’s always a challenge with the weather suddenly changing and the super technical sections.
Ok, how did we get here? One group traveled by plane, Me, Salva, Kenta and some others had a lovely road trip across a few States.
We left Snowshoe at 3 in the morning, after a rush to deliver all the pictures and pack the bags.

The relief of the crew after the border crossing… Yes, I would say we also had a good time during the thousand hours of driving.

When I was packing my bag I checked the weather forecast and it looked like we were going to hit a proper autumn, in the reality we’ve been lucky and for the most we had sunny days.

The two houses we had in MSA had a lot of space, allowing the team members to have some “private” space after the long travel.

When we’re traveling overseas the teams operate slightly differently: in this case mechanics had to adapt and find a good space where to work.

Sitting around the fire is almost a tradition here, that’s a good moment for a chat about the day or the not so far “off season”.
Riders are training on the road and we take the occasion for a visit in Quebec.
Tourist mode on and we start the competition for the best street pictures.

On the way back to the house we also collected a random south african guy that had a quick stop in New York.

Could it be MSA without a team race at the karts?

Can you guess who was the fastest on the course?

Could it be MSA without some ice bath on the river?
Medias are always more than happy to shoot rider’s activities.
I heard someone say: “Come on Michele, another full screen slider with 10 pics?”
Yes, it’s quite hard to restrict the selection when you have to show the riders having a good time in a stunning place!

When Charlie sees a camera around he never stops…

XCC race day.
Ok, not too many riding pics here… I guess most of them were already used by the riders and the Company.
What is Kenta doing with a mattress? Well, I already told you that when we’re overseas we have to adapt. Just scroll the pics to see the result. … And yes, the mattress made it back to the house safe and sound.


During this week the riders pushed the training as late as possible.

The weather forecast for Sunday was quite poor, so it didn’t make sense to prepare for a dry course.

Charlie also managed to make new friends.

Tomorrow is the day, you must get ready.

You already know the result of the day. We were expecting the rain… we got the rain and the course got brutal and really physical.Definitely happy about the outcome from the day.

Bye bye Mont Sainte Anne, it’s always a pleasure to spend time in this place!

Job done, time for another shift behind the steering wheel.

Kenta found a prime spot for the trip.

Can you guess where we were heading?

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