If you’re here probably you have already scrolled through the two previous stories.
(If not they’re here and here)

I will keep going with the events, even if I already began to write a draft about people.
I guess It’s time to head to the beginning of 2023, when we flew to Spain for the early races of the season.

We started the journey in Girona, for a shooting with the local star Simon Andreassen and Mona to produce some material for the new racing kit and the new “secret” LAB71 frame with a different paint job.
As usual, when you have to deal with athletes, the timing was quite tight.
Me and Salva used the early afternoon for a quick check to the spots and we set the meeting just before the sunset, trying to get some help from the low light.
We didn’t make it for dinner and we had to pick up some sushi in a local restaurant.
Yes, It could have been definitely worse.

The next day was supposed to be used for the action pictures… I had the chance to follow Simon on his training and get a close view on his exercises. Well, you can’t say he is not giving it all.

I had big expectations from the afternoon, We were supposed to see the athletes sending some good trails.

Well, we had the trails… but I struggled a bit to get into the right vibes and the sun was going down fast into the forest.
At least we found a colorful spot.


Done with the shooting we headed to Chelva, to attend one of the first races of the calendar.
The transfer day went quite fast, also because Salva was driving (Thanks for driving).
I was quite surprised to see some locals wearing our team kit at the coffee shop.
Sometimes it happens you just arrive at the venue and you’re just spending the whole “race week” there but since the beginning of this year I forced myself to come back home with some more pictures of the surroundings.
I was more than happy to join Dixie in the car following the long distance training into the mountains.
Ps: bring with you the warm jacket if you head to Spain in February.

First day on course and first day of sun.

In Italy it’s still winter time, it feels quite strange to see the almond trees in flower.
The track is quite rough, sandy and loose. The morning at the venue goes quite fast but I still have some time to look around in between the laps.

The easy job is to take the pictures, the hardest one is to select the best to tell the story.

Every time I repeat to myself: “Less is more”, this is why I’ve done this selection three times… at least.
Leaving aside the philosophy, I enjoyed having some spare time to walk around randomly and shoot the hidden spots of this small corner of Spain.

In a second I found myself at the race, my first week in Spain was almost done. The summary of the day can be done by a mix of calmness, action, effort and happiness.

Well, I would say the story is already too long.
I enjoyed this trip so much that I still have a good amount of images aside but I think it’s better to split the story in two.

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