When December arrives you discover the year has flown so fast…
This is the busiest period for my office tasks: a lot of meetings to makes my projects happen, an huge amount of time spent working on numbers, driving and searching for the new winning ideas.

Luckily my job takes me in super nice places and leaves me the time to have some amazing rides. 😀

Slippery off camber for a Northwave cyclocross rider in Faè di Oderzo - Ph: Michele Mondini
Northwave cyclocross podium in Silvelle. - Ph: Michele Mondini
Wout Van Aert leads the crowded world cup of Namur - Ph: Michele Mondini
A new project will bring me in San Marino in the next months. Winter view of the town. - Ph: Michele Mondini
A quick winter tour in Silvi Town - Ph: Michele Mondini