June ’18

It looks like an easy month with just two appointments, but both of them were part of Internazionali d’Italia Series. I was a bit under pressure cause I had to plan all the details with every o.c.. In the end I’ve been really happy about the result of the circuit: Xc is coming back on the main stage!

Mirco Tabacchi rides in the evening light - Pineto - Ph: Michele Mondini
Alessandro Naspi celebrate his leadership in U23 category - Ph: Michele Mondini
Gerhard Kerschbaumer wins in Pineto, third appointment of Internazionali d'Italia - Ph: Michele Mondini
Chiara Teocchi trains in Chies d'Alpago course - Ph: Michele Mondini
Zaccaria Toccoli pushes trying to catch the leader Simone Avondetto. - Chies d'Alpago - Ph: Michele Mondini