Season 2023 is over. It was intense, but fast. Looks like it was yesterday when we began racing in March and now October is almost gone.

I spent a few days wondering if it was worthed to put together a photo story instead of throwing the pictures in different Instagram posts.

The original intention was to go back to the origin and show by pictures what’s the life behind the scene.
I still have to process what happened in the last weeks overseas so I take a random pick and I start from
Les Gets.
Simon and Charlie went for a “quick” spin of 4 hours… For them I guess having the camera around makes the journey easier.
Someone is ending the day with a good massage, someone is dealing with the hard part of the job speaking in front of the microphones.

Most of the time the day begins with athletes activation with some gym exercises. Don’t mess with Charlie….

First ride on course, time for some action shots. The course looks really similar to last year, this is good because you already know the good spots, but I have to think twice before shooting, I don’t want to risk bringing home the same pictures. Mountains, big corners, huge berms, high speed and long climbs.

Back in the pits with the chefs and the mechanics.

Morning spin for Mona, she has to decide for the hardtail or the fully. Which one will her take today?

First race day of the week with the fast action of the XCC. Course is really simple and short compared to the XCO but the pace is super high.

Best chance of the week to get some good light!

Ok, I spoke too in advance. In the narrow valley on the french alps this is the last ray of sun.

Big bunch and dust are two ingredients that give quite an unpredictable result.

Saturday is the last chance to check the course condition… and the best occasion to get some bangers.

Did you watch Mona’s race in tv? Ok.. you should. Probably the win in Andorra gave her some extra motivation for a really good start.

Hard race, with the frenchies on the lead. I guess this race delivered many emotions. Should we ask Simon for some comments?

Do you remember a similar picture I took in the past with the three lions?

Never miss a chance to celebrate… also if you have wrong wine glasses!

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